So who is the man behind the lens?

You obviously want to know the person pointing the camera at you… so here is a bit about me!
I’m Jay Shuttleworth, the owner of REDZ Photography.
In 2009, after completing a full career in the Army I decided to pursue my passion in photography and turn it into a full-time venture. I love what I do, all aspects of it, but above all I soon realised my niche was in people photography.
I have tried various streams of photography from Schools to photojournalism covering conflict and trouble spots. I lived in Bangkok for a few months and worked my way across Asia including Cambodia and Laos before returning to the UK in early 2010. Since then I have moved to various locations across the UK before finally settling in Bristol in 2011 and directing all of my efforts towards making REDZ Photography a success.
In the past few years I have had the honour to photograph loads of weddings across the UK including:
Bournemouth, Weymouth, Portland, Chard, Swindon, London, Amesbury, Sherbourne, Dorchester, Bulford, Cornwall, Liverpool & Bristol.
All of which have been great fun. The experience I gained as I progressed taught me well, having initially started wedding photography as a second shooter back in 2008, I quickly realised I had the vision, passion and love of photography to create some stunning images.
I attended various courses, used my resettlement grant from the army to fund professional training, started a BA(Hons) Photography degree and invested heavily in equipment and marketing.
I also enjoy passing on my knowledge to others and will always help out newcomers to photography, at present I have two young photographers that I regularly help with training and resources. I believe knowledge should be shared, not hoarded.
I have a good network of photographer friends, both professional and amateur who occasionally provide second shooters at weddings or we try out new ideas and equipment.
I live with my partner Beci and have 3 gorgeous dogs called Bruno, Tara & Max (adopted from German Shepherd Dog Rescue). I am above everything else, human, approachable and will give my all to make your photographic memories more than you could ever dream of.

So now it’s down to you…Contact me and let’s see how together we can make memories that will last a lifetime…