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Free Attendance (subject to minimum numbers)
9 x 6 Mounted Photographs £10 – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Instant Printing!

You have planned your event down to the last detail, spending week’s maybe months on each element, how do you want your guests to remember it?
A success? Fun? Entertaining?
And what can they take from your event to remind them of that time?
Why not make the occasion memorable with professional portraiture from REDZ Photography – Bristol Event Photographers?
In fact… The equipment used is so good; your guests will have a mounted print in their hands only 30 seconds after the photograph is taken.
More good reasons why having REDZ – Bristol Event Photographers at your event will delight your guests:
Experience. REDZ have many years of it! Your guests will be in expert hands.

Quality. By the use of black or white backgrounds, allowing lighting to create mind blowing images.

Speed. Your guests will be provided with printed images as soon as they have chosen their favourites.
And best of all?
Subject to minimum numbers… REDZ – Bristol Event Photographers will attend your event for FREE! And stay throughout providing amazing portraiture.
What are you waiting for? Your event could be the talk of Bristol and beyond!

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Working with the Military requires the highest standards and skills to succeed!
I’m ex forces (24 years service) so know exactly how to work in your environment.
Mess Balls, Summer Balls, Christmas Balls, I cover them all with a growing list of regular Units.
Payment usually defered to Mess Bills with 30 day payment terms.
Working closely with the PMC/Committee to ensure we’re in the right location at the right time.
Fire & Forget – highly competent at what we do, our service is simply outstanding!
REDZ – Bristol Event Photographers offer other services to the Miliary, Unit Photographs, Mess Photographs, Picture Framing Services, Presentation Pieces…